We have launched a photography service, which includes the production of detailed pictures of clothes and related videos.
Our photographers will bring out the soul of your brand, because the success of your business lies in the emotions it conveys. Your website is only powerful when your photos are powerful, and if they directly affect users, they have the ability to evoke the right emotions and promote sales.

There are 3 kinds of services,detailed below:(Click on the picture for more details)

Shooting Without Model

This package includes 7-10pictures per style. Clothings is shooting when putting flatly in white background. 2 front and back photo, 3 to 4 details photos.

Shooting With Model

This package includes 15-20 pictures per style and models will  try on clothes. You can get portrait photography+ Image Retouch services.

Production promotion video

Production promotion video package include 10 picstures and
3 videos which no less than 30 seconds.It is about the
production process of how your clothing being made from a
pieces of fabric to finish.

Tips: About the production promotion video, we may take pictures of or record video of printing proicess; embroidery process or sewing process and even the pattern making. If you want to other styles, just DM us.


A picture can speck a thousand words, so a good images can transmit brand value. 
And our goal is to provide services that resonate with our clients and help them to deliver well beyond the ordinary. To do this, we offer exquisite photo shooting services to ignite a desire in vistors to learn more about your business.

We have professional photography team and high-end equipment to provide you with everything. First, our professional photographers will shoot for you according to the type of service you place. After shooting, we will  refine them through professional post-production techniques.

The following pictures are samples we have taken for our customers. Let me show you.

In addition to photography services, we also offer design services. Our desire is to help you achieve your branding dreams. Here you can not only make your clothes to your satisfaction, but also experience our services.

How to orders our services

You can place an order according to the above flow, or if you do not understand, please contact us immediately.