What is Tech-pack?
Tech pack is the blueprint for your design. Factory can develop your design according to it which includes every details you want.
That include materials, gradings, seams, colorways, measurements, trim, labels etc. everything that a supplier would need to know have to be shown in this tech pack, to turn your idea into actual product.

Why are tech packs important?

Here are 7 major benefits that shows you why techpacks are a must-have to create any fashion product.

1. Get error-free samples

Your techpack should tell your pattern marker or factory how to create your sample and what to include in it. The more detailed the better. Do not take anything for granted. Do not leave anything to chance. A comprehensive and easy to read techpack increases the chance for your sample to match your original vision at first go.

2. Get accurate price quotations

The more detailed your tech pack is, the easier it will be for your factory to gauge how much time it will take to make your product and thus, how much it will cost.
In other words, the more accurate your tech pack is, the more accurate the price estimation you’ll receive.

3. It keeps your manufacturer accountable

Once production is ready to start, your tech pack becomes a reference contract between you and your manufacturer. In case your factory produces something that doesn’t confirm to your instructions, you can always refer back to the tech pack to point out the mistakes and indicate how to correct them.

4. It’s a reference point for quality control

Your techpack is your master document used during your QA process. For every round of samples, you have to check its points of measurements against the tolerances you’ve put in your techpack. 

5. It tracks change requests

During fit sample reviews, you’ll have to request changes to your manufacturer. You’ll have to keep track of what was done and what has to be done. All these changes have to be archived and organized inside different versions of your techpack.

6. It saves you time and money

Creating a complete tech pack requires some time and effort. An investment that is totally worth it when you consider how much time, money and headaches this will save you down the line. This includes wastes on wrong samples, development costs, and sample logistics. 

What is included inTech-pack

❑ Technical Sketches

Clients will get a chance to review and approve each fabric. As an added value, BASHA with disclose its knowledge of each fabric in particualr usages as we continually learn how a fabric stretches, dyes, etc.

We committed to provide latest and freshest fabric information to fashion brands and source fabrics from one of biggest fabric market everyday.


These are flat sketches illustrating every design detail in different angles (front, back, side, and yes, even inside). They help your factory and pattern maker visualize how to make the first sample as close as possible to your desired look. That’s why they are done in black and white and are typically created on Adobe Illustrator.

This is a indispensible part in a tech-pack and also the hardest part for designers. Because compare to other information like materials, gradings, seams, colorways, measurements, trim which can be done with Excel or WPS easily, a professional sketches is the most difficult work.

And that is what we provide.blush

Ready for action?

As a professional and experienced clothing manufacturer, we worked with thousands of different brands and designers all aroung the world. So we know exactly what really need to make a sample and what is a professinal techpack file. 
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