How To Make A Tech-pack For Clothing Manufacturer

Tech pack is the blueprint for your design. Factory can develop your design from your drawings, from your ideas.The tech pack is everything you need to tell the suppliers so he can develop your design just the way you want.

So what do you need to build up a tech pack, I would say you can narrow down to 5items. It includes drawings, measurements, fabric, trims and everything that a supplier would need to know to make your idea into a product.

The 1st thing is a drawing because you’re not an expert of illustrator. You need a hand drawing with a clear description and requirement. What you need to do is let your supplier know what your design is.

The 2nd thing is the measurements. Remember, there isn’t standard size. You need to figure out your own customer size. At least you need to give the main sizes, such as length, chest, waist, sleeves, etc.

The 3rd thing is the fabric requirement. So you need to let your supplier clear about type of fabric like single jersey, thickness like 200 gms, color, and other requirement. If you don’t know much

about fabric, l have a suggestion for you. Send a refer sample and ask your supplier to source the same or similar fabric.

The 4th thing is the trims, like zipper, buttons, neck tags, swing tags etc. Also, if you are not sure, just show a picture to let them know what you want.

The 5th thing is pining or embroidery request. Well you know, it is really popular to have printing or embroidery on clothing. And before you do that, you need to prepare a high resolution printing or embroidery file. Tell your supplier how big the print should be and where the position is, like 5cm below neck.

Why do you need a tech pack? Because you need to make supplier know more about your designs.

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How To Make A Tech-pack For Clothing Manufacturer